Using Hexadecimal Value in NI 6570 Specifications File

Updated Jun 4, 2018

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  • PXIe-6570

Issue Details

I am creating a new Digital Pattern Editor Specifications file for my one my new test requirement in which I have to define specifications file variable values in the Hexadecimal format within the formula. Is it possible to define the specification file values in the hexadecimal format?


It is not possible to use a hexadecimal value in the NI Digital Pattern Editor Specifications file within the formula section. By default, the specifications document displays the formula definition. Refer to the Digital Pattern Editor Specifications to know more about theĀ options to specify a formula definition.

Additional Information

However, the Source Waveform Configurations Sample Format support Hexadecimal values. You can specify one of the following options to display data in decimal (no prefix), hexadecimal (0x prefix), or binary (0b prefix) format.


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