Unable to Find Veristand .TLC File in MATLAB Model Compilation

Updated Sep 10, 2018

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  • VeriStand


Software : MATLAB

Issue Details

I want to compile my MATLAB model to run on VeriStand, however on the compilation in window of MATLAB, I cannot find the .tlc file of Veristand. Why is this so?


There could be multiple reasons for this, to identify the correct one, you need to have a rigorous approach to this.

1. Follow the document Setting up The Mathworks, Inc. MATLAB® to Create a VeriStand or Model Interface Toolkit Compatible DLL. Make sure the installation order is same as mentioned in the document.

2. Ensure that the Veristand Model Framework is installed and activated as mentioned in the document Compiling DLLs for Use with VeriStand Without Development License.

3. Ensure the correct version and type of the compiler is installed and check for the compatibility of Veristand and MATLAB.  Refer to NI VeriStand Version Compatibility for accurate details on compatibility. 


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