Unable to Find NIVeriStand.TLC File in MATLAB Model Compilation

Updated Dec 22, 2023

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  • VeriStand


Software : MATLAB

Issue Details

I want to compile my MATLAB model to run on VeriStand  (or The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® software), however on the compilation in window of MATLAB, I cannot find the .tlc file for my VeriStand target. Why is this so?

I want to compile my The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® software model to run with NI VeriStand  , but I cannot find the NIVeriStand.tlc file in the Code Generation tab in Simulink®. Why is the VeriStand tlc file not appearing?


This could be caused by incorrect software installation order, compatibility issues, or multiple versions of The MathWorks, Inc. software. Ensure you have correctly installed the VeriStand support by following the steps below: 
  1. Ensure you are working in versions of VeriStand and The MathWorks, Inc software that are compatible. You can find the latest information on the NI VeriStand Version Compatibility page. 
    1. If your version of VeriStand is not compatible, install a compatible software set following the compatibility guide and installation order on the setup page
  2. If you are not sure if you installed all necessary software components, follow the document Setting up The Mathworks, Inc. MATLAB® to Create a VeriStand or Model Interface Toolkit Compatible DLL . Make sure the installation order is the same as mentioned in the document.
  3.  Ensure that the VeriStand Model Framework is installed and activated  using your VeriStand serial number.
    1. Note: If you are compiling on a computer that does not need the full VeriStand development license and you are only compiling models, you can follow the Compiling DLLs for Use with VeriStand Without Development License for activating only the VeriStand Model framework.
  4. Follow the steps on the Compiling a Model from The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® Software page. If you get to Step 4. Build the Compiled Model in the Simulink Software and you still do not see the tlc file in the code generation tab,  the MATLAB software files might be read-only and NI VeriStand cannot display the files. To work around this, add the following lines to the matlabrc.m file, where X is the drive letter on which you installed NI VeriStand.
    1. Note: This step typically needs to be taken if you have multiple versions of The MathWorks, Inc. software installed.