Not Able to Detect NI 9266 in NI cDAQ

Updated Dec 28, 2023

Reported In


  • NI-9266
  • cDAQ-9174

Issue Details

NI MAX shows unsupported module NI 9266 when connected to cDAQ 9174, Is it possible to use NI 9266 with cDAQ Platform or do we have any other Platform?


The NI DAQmx 18.1 driver includes support for the NI 9266 C Series devices. The 9266 is compatible with a cDAQ 9174 chassis as of DAQmx version 18.1. Upgrade your version of DAQmx via this download page. Following cDAQ chassis are supported by the 18.1 Driver. Refer to the DAQmx driver version 18.1 readme file to know more.
  • NI cDAQ-9171
  • NI cDAQ-9174
  • NI cDAQ-9178

We do have CompactRIO with which you can work with NI 9266 with different modes Scan Mode and FPGA Mode.