Using NI VLM to Issue End Users Disconnected Licenses and Network Licenses Simultaneously

Updated Jun 4, 2018

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  • Volume License Manager 3.1

Issue Details

I am using NI VLM to administer licenses to end users of my Volume License Agreement or Enterprise Agreement with National Instruments. Is it possible to give an end user a disconnected license and network license simultaneously? 


Yes, it is possible. However there are very few use cases where this is the best solution for license administration. We will go over how to simultaneously grant disconnected and network licenses to an end user and alternatives:
  1. In NI VLM, ensure that the end user in question only has access to the licenses you wish to disconnect. This means removing explicit permissions for licenses which will be administered over the network. 
  2. Select "Disconnect" in VLM to create a disconnected license for the user. 
  3. Explicitly add permissions for the network licenses to the user.
At this point, the end user should be able to install the disconnected license file and connect to the network, allowing for them to access software licensed over the network and through their disconnected license file. 

Additional Information

For the majority of cases, National Instruments recommends setting up a user with all-network or all-disconnected licenses. This is for ease of managing your available number of seats on the server-side and for overall ease of licensing setup.

When a user checks out a license from a a VLM server and then loses connection to the server, they are given a grace period to use the software before reconnecting to the server (14 days for non-concurrent licenses). 


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