TestStand Not Creating Report

Updated May 16, 2018

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

My previously-working TestStand code is not working after I installed TestStand on a new computer and moved the code onto it. When my sequence ends, the report summary tab just says Report generation is disabled. and no report file is created.

I've checked the Result Processing dialog and the Enabled check box next to Report is checked. I also checked in the Station Options and Record Results is checked. I also checked that the ResultList local variable is present, which of course it is otherwise I wouldn't have been getting results on my dev PC. I couldn't find anything else to try in my searches. I can only speculate that something may have gone wrong when I installed TestStand. Any ideas?


Check that:
  • Enabled next to Report is checked in Result Processing.
  • Record Results is checked in Station Options.
  • ResultList local variable is present during runtime.
If these are properly set and the sequence was previously generating a report successfully, something may have gone wrong with the installation of TestStand on the computer and a reimage or force reinstall could resolve the issue.


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