SystemLink Web Application Not Displaying Properly

Updated Mar 2, 2022

Reported In


  • SystemLink Client
  • SystemLink Server
  • SystemLink

Issue Details

When I log into the SystemLink Server different web applications do not show up, show up incorrectly or they appear as not available. What could be causing this issue?


There are a few main reasons that SystemLink Web Applications do not show up once logged into the SystemLink Server:


Incompatible Web Browser

  • Your version of SystemLink may not support Internet Explorer or the web browser you are using. Check the readme of your SystemLink version for supported web browsers.
  • Certain features may not show up properly when using an unsupported web browser. 
    • For example, in the Data Indexing tab, the dashboard elements may not appear.


  • You may be logged in as a user that does not have permissions to use the web application that you are looking for. This can be verified using the Applications tab of the NI Web Configuration Utility on the SystemLink Server machine.
  • If you do not know whether this is the case or do not have access to the server machine, reach out to the SystemLink Server admin.

Services Not Running

  • If some SystemLink services are not running, this can lead to web applications not showing up in the main SystemLink server view. 
  • To ensure that your services are running correctly:
    1. Open the NI SystemLink Configuration Utility on the SystemLink Server machine and navigate to the NI Skyline Service Manager tab.
    2. If any of the services aren't running, click the Restart button.

Services Not Installed

  • If you have confirmed you have permissions, and all of the services are running, the service for the web application you are looking for may not be installed. 
  • To check whether it's installed, use the SystemLink Server machine to follow the directions below:
    1. Open NI Package Manager
    2. Go to the Installed tab
    3. Click the cog on the NI SystemLink Server line
    4. Check that the additional items to install match what you expect to be installed
    5. Install any additional items as necessary