What Is the Difference Between MDR and SDR?

Updated Jan 7, 2023

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I am looking for cable for connecting my Camera Link device to a framegrabber. I am seeing that there are MDR and SDR cables.

Which of this cables do I need?


MDR stands for Miniature Delta Ribbon and SDR stands for Shrunk D Ribbon. Both this connectors have the same internal connections but the size of the plug is different.

For choosing the correct cable, you will need to asses what is the connector of the camera and the framegrabber.

It's important to notice that the connector can differ in which case you will need to get an MDR to SDR cable. 

Additional Information

The MDR connector was the first one available in the version release 1.0 of the Camera Link standard and the SDR was accepted later in version 1.2 along with the power over Camera Link (POCL). 

National Instruments sells SDR to MDR cables, PoCL of different lengths. For part number options, check the NI Camera Link Cables