NI VeriStand 2017 f1 Patch Installation Instructions

Updated Jun 5, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-8840


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I downloaded The VeriStand 2017 f1 patch to fix the real-time (RT) deployment issue I've been happening but I'm still getting compatibility issues when deploying my model to my RT target. 


In order to correctly install the f1 patch for VeriStand 2017 follow the instructions below:
  1. Log onto your machine as an administrator or as a user with administrator privileges.
  2. Close NI VeriStand and the Stimulus Profile Editor.
  3. Run the patch installer.
  4. Verify that readme_2017_f1.html is located at <National Instruments>\VeriStand 2017\readme\.
  5. To install the patched version of NI VeriStand to your RT PXI or cRIO-908x targets, use NI MAX to reinstall their software.

Additional Information

When this patch is installed, NI MAX will not automatically prompt you to update the RT target's software to include the new patch so you'll need to manually reinstall software to your target in NI MAX.


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