Can I Use FPGA Methods on FlexRIO Signals?

Updated Jun 4, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-7976
  • PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO

Issue Details

  • I want to use LabVIEW FPGA I/O Methods, such as Wait on Falling Edge, on a FlexRIO device. Can I do this?
  • I'm trying to use an I/O Method node with FlexRIO signals, but the available methods dropdown is empty. Why is this?


The LabVIEW FPGA I/O Methods can only be used with static signals on FlexRIO devices, not with any signals from the FlexRIO Adapter Modules (FAMs). This means you can use methods like Wait on Falling Edge to monitor the PXI Trigger Lines or the FAM enabled? signal, but not for any digital or analog I/O channels on the FAM. You will have to implement the logic in the FPGA code, such as polling a line in a timed loop to detect when it goes high.

Additional Information

Because different FAMs have different IO signals, and they are all defined differently by the CLIP, these FPGA Methods would all need to be defined differently for the different physical signals. You can use these methods with IO defined on an R-Series card or other FPGA device where the IO is constant.


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