Cannot Detect Devices in FlexLogger

Updated Apr 28, 2023

Reported In


  • CompactDAQ Chassis


  • FlexLogger

Issue Details

When I open a FlexLogger project, it cannot find my CompactDAQ device or I get a No Device(s) Detected error message.
No Device(s) Detected
I have gone through the above-suggested steps, but my NI hardware is still not detected. How can I see my device in FlexLogger?


The issue of FlexLogger not detecting CompactDAQ (cDAQ) devices can be due to different causes: Driver issues, incompatibility between the hardware and FlexLogger, antivirus software blocking the communication, and incorrect licensing are some of the potential causes for this error. Follow the next steps to try to solve this issue.
  • Verify that you can see your device in NI MAX. If the device is not being recognized by NI MAX, try the following troubleshooting guides to try to gain connection with the device:
  • Ensure that your hardware is supported in the version of FlexLogger you are using.
  • It has been seen that some antivirus software, such as SentinelOne, or firewalls are blocking communication between your cDAQ device and FlexLogger. You can check that this is not the case by temporarily disabling the antivirus and/or firewall. If disabling SentinelOne is not an option for you, speak to your IT department to go through the application logs to find the event that listed SentinelOne as stopping FlexLogger from running. From this list, you can create an exclusion within the SentinelOne Portal. 
  • Check if there are any Services in Windows related to NI that are stopped or different from 'Running'. If so, restart the service.
  • Check that FlexLogger is correctly licensed in the NI License Manager. Try deactivating and re-activating the FlexLogger license. If you are using a trial license of FlexLogger, contact NI Support to get a temporary activation code if none of the steps above fix the issue.
  • If you can see the device in NI MAX, reinstall FlexLogger or install a different version. For more information on how to install NI software visit: Installing, Updating, Repairing, and Removing NI Software.