SCXI Modules Not Working in PXI-SCXI Combo Chassis

Updated Dec 22, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-1050
  • Chassis for SCXI


  • PXI Platform Services

Issue Details

  • If I select a module manually, none of the modules work even though the chassis is turned on and connected properly. How can I solve this problem?
  • I've wired up my PXI-SCXI combo chassis, powered it on, but I can't identify the chassis and modules in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI-MAX). How do I fix this?


There are several reasons why this can happen, which are as follows:
  1. A DAQ card must be in the last slot of the PXI portion of the chassis and have a full J2 connector at the end (see pictures in the Additional Information section below)
    • Since as all the SCXI communication is done through the backplane, ensure there is a full J2 connector on the DAQ card in the final PXI slot. The local PCI bus does the communication between the PXI and SCXI modules.
  2. The voltage setting on back side of the chassis should be set to 120V AC.
    • If another voltage setting is selected, 100V AC or 230V AC for example, the LED will illuminate, but none of your PXI or SCXI modules will be detected in the chassis.
  3. If your DAQ card is in the correct slot and the input voltage setting is correct, then check the fuse for the SCXI chassis. There are separate fuses for both SCXI and PXI sections in the combo chassis.
If the PXI-SCXI combination chassis is not identifiable in NI MAX, then double-check the NI software drivers.
  1. The most recent compatible version of PXI Platform Services is installed.
  2. Reset the MAX Configuration Database

Additional Information

A PXI M Series DAQ card with a full backplane connector can control the SCXI portion of a PXI/SCXI Combination Chassis such as the PXI-1050, PXI-1052, or PXI-1010.  Most current M series cards are only shipped with hybrid Connector and cannot be used to control the SCXI portion of a PXI/SCXI Combination Chassis.  There are still some cards that are sold with the standard PXI connector option so that they can control the SCXI portion of a PXI/SCXI combination Chassis.  The devices sold now that will work with a PXI/SCXI Combination Chassis are: 
  • PXI-6221 (P/N: 779113-01)
  • PXI-6229 (P/N: 779115-01)
  • PXI-6251 (P/N: 779117-01)
  • PXI-6259 (P/N: 779119-01)
  • PXI-6289 (P/N: 779123-01)
The respective M Series DAQ device will have two options under the pricing tab on the Product Page; Standard Board and Board for SCXI Control in PXI/SCXI Combination Chassis.  Select the latter for Combination Chassis control.
Ordering Options for Relevant M Series DAQ Cards

A PXI Card with a Standard Connector

A PXI Card with a Hybrid Connector

A PXI Card with an Express Connector