Can I Configure the NI 9375 DO Lines to Output Different Voltage Levels

Updated May 14, 2018

Issue Details

I would like to use the NI 9375 module to generate different voltage or logic levels on all the Digital Output (DO) lines. For example: DO0 line generating 12V and DO1 line generating 15V. Can I Output Different Voltage Levels Using NI 9375 Digital Output Module?


You can not configure or use the NI 9375 Digital Output channels to generate different voltage levels on different DO lines, meaning all the DO terminal or pin is driven to a common Vsup when the channel is turned ON. The following figure shows a simplified block diagram of the NI 9375.

Additional Information

If you need to have different voltage levels on the DOs, you can use a conditioning stage for leveling the voltage to the desire value.


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