Error 12 Some System Capacity Not Enabled in LabVIEW

Updated Dec 16, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • C/C++ Development Tools

Issue Details

I am trying to open a DLL using the Call Library Function Node in LabVIEW. Every time I run my code I see the error message "LabVIEW: Some system capacity necessary for operation is not enabled." What does this error code mean?


There are two possible ways how this error can be generated:
  • You are trying to load a .dll that is not compatible with the bitversion of your LabVIEW IDE. E.g. you are trying to load a 32 bit .dll with LabVIEW 64 bit or vice versa. Either change your LabVIEW version or ask the creator of your .dll to provide you with the corrent .dll.
  • This error will occur when an inappropriate file type is used as an input parameter for the Call Library Function Node, which is meant to open shared libraries or dynamic link libraries (DLL). As an example, this Call Library Function Node has a .INI file as the file path to the DLL to be opened. 

To resolve this issue, change the "path in" parameter or "Library name or path" parameter on the configure screen to a .DLL file type.