Archived:After Deploying an Image to My cRIO, the Scan Engine Interface Is Not Working

Updated May 3, 2021

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Reported In


  • cRIO-9031
  • cRIO-9068

Issue Details

I am using a cRIO controller and after deploying an image to it using the RAD utility, the scan engine interface appears to be not working. Error code -66208 is coming up mentioning that the scan engine needs to be initialized and that the modules are not being referenced properly.


This indicates that the current chassis/controller is not able to recognize the settings, modules, or other variables when the image was deployed. Some suggestions you could do to prevent this error:

1. Ensure all IP addresses/settings are set correctly for any cRIO controller/chasssis.

2. Ensure that the code matches what is placed in the cRIO chassis/controller. For example, if the code is asking for a specific module to be in slot two, check to see if that module is in slot two of the chassis/controller receiving the deployed image.