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PCI-GPIB Support for Different Operating Systems

Updated May 29, 2019

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  • NI-488.2

Issue Details

  • I have a PCI-GPIB device that I am currently running on an older version of Windows (such as XP). I plan to upgrade to a later version of Windows, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. 
  • If I change from Windows to Linux or MacOS will my PCI-GPIB still work? 


There are two types of NI PCI-GPIB boards.
1. PCI-GPIB/TNT4882C with assembly number 183617K-01, which is revision K
2. PCI-GPIB/TNT5004 with assembly number 188513x-01, where x is A, B, or a later revision

The assembly number is printed on the PCI-GPIB board.

Both boards are supported in Windows and Linux Desktop systems.
Only the PCI-GPIB/TNT4882C is supported with Mac Classic systems. 

However, you need to ensure the driver version is compatible with your new operating system.
The PCI-GPIB boards use NI-VISA and NI-488.2. See the compatibility documents below to see what version of these drivers are supported in different operating systems.

NI-VISA and Operating System Compatibility
NI-488.2 Driver Versions for Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux 

Additional Information

PCI is the same standard on Macintosh systems, Windows systems, Linux, and UNIX systems. 

Both types of the PCI-GPIB board are functionally identical, and switching between the boards should have no effect on your current applications. The NI-488.2 driver software for Mac Classic relies on chip information present on the PCI-GPIB/TNT4882C board, so it will not support the PCI-GPIB/TNT5004 board.

If your application is using LabVIEW, also make sure your version of LabVIEW (or other application development enviroment) is compatible with the versions of NI-VISA and NI-488.2 and is supported on your new Operating System. 

LabVIEW and Microsoft Windows Compatibility
NI-VISA and LabVIEW Version Compatibility
NI-488.2 and LabVIEW Version Compatibility