NI Package Manager There Was a Problem Retrieving Available Products on the Browse Products Tab

Updated Dec 18, 2023

Reported In


  • Package Manager

Issue Details

When I select the "Browse Products" tab in NI Package Manager I get either of the following error messages and my Internet connection is working.
There was a problem retrieving available products
Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source
Please check your Internet connection and try again.
There was a problem retrieving available products
Request failed with status code: 'InternalServerError'.
Please check your Internet connection and try again.



Before trying the steps detailed below Restart your machine. If this does not resolve the issue, try the other steps below.

This issue can be the result of a proxy server that allows traffic to pass either with a login or without (also called non-authentication proxy), when your operating system has stored invalid and/or incomplete login credentials.

Follow these instructions to revise your settings:
  1. Open your Windows' Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to Credential Manager » Windows Credentials » Generic Credentials.
  3. Check if there is any credential record for your proxy server stored. It can either be under the proxy's IP address or its name.

Note: In this screenshot incomplete credentials to a local proxy are shown; the entry is missing a user name.
  1. Delete the invalid and/or incomplete record.
    • Note: Be aware that there might be another application relying on this record. That application will either create this entry again automatically or ask you to re-enter the credentials.
    • Be careful deleting credentials you don't know. You might have to contact your IT/Network Operations/admin to restore them.
  2. Restart the NI Package Manager.

Another potential cause of this error could be related to network protocols:
  • Currently the TLS 1.3 protocol isn't supported from NI Package Manager.
  • If you are using this protocol, try disabling TLS 1.3, reboot the system and then retest NI Package Manager

Additional Information

NI Package Manager is a software to download, install, manage, and upgrade NI software like LabVIEW & TestStand. It also gives access to additional drivers, modules, and add-ons.

NI Package Manager is a different product than the VI Package Manager. The latter provides easy management and distribution of add-ons for NI LabVIEW editions.