FPGA FIFO State After I Abort, Run, Start, Reset, Or Write To A Full FIFO

Updated May 6, 2023

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  • LabVIEW FPGA Module

Issue Details

At startup, what is in the FIFO? What happens when I abort, run, start, or reset? What happens if I write to a full FIFO?


  • At startup, the FIFO should be empty, with nothing in it. You should not have leftover data in it.
  • The abort¬†invoke method will halt the opened and running FPGA VI on the FPGA target. It will not reset the default values in the FPGA VI. I/O maintains its previous state upon abort.
  • The run invoke method will run the FPGA VI on the FPGA target.
  • The start invoke method begins DMA data transfer between the FPGA target and the host computer. The FIFO Method Node configured with the Read or Write methods automatically start DMA data transfer.
  • Reset will reset the FPGA VI on the FPGA target to the default state of the VI. This method will clear all FIFOs.
  • If you attempt to write to a full FIFO, the data will be lost.