Run-time Shortcut Menu for LabVIEW Front Panel Objects

Updated Aug 22, 2023



  • LabVIEW

  • How do I prevent a user from editing front panel objects on my VI while it is running using Run-Time Shortcut Menu options?
  • Is there a way to track when changes have been made to a front panel object using the Run-Time Shortcut Menus?

If you do not want a user to be able to access the Run-Time Shortcut Menu for a control, you can disable it:
  1. Right-click on the front panel control.
  2. Select Advanced»Run-Time Shortcut Menu»Disable.

If you want to track when a Run-Time Shortcut Menu selection was made, you can use an event structure to handle Run-Time Shortcut Menu Selections. This can be done for both default and customer Run-Time Shortcut Menus. Once you have created a Shortcut Menu Selection event, you can read the ItemTag Event Data Node to determine the Shortcut Menu item that was selected by the user, as shown below.

Additional Information

It is possible to disable Run-Time Shortcut Menus for all front panel objects. To do so:
  1. With your VI in edit mode, go to File»VI Properties.
  2. Select the Window Appearance category.
  3. Click Customize...
  4. Uncheck the Allow default run-time shortcut menus box.

This will still allow you to create and access custom shortcut menus.