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Change Minimum Time Between Conversions for NI 9205/9206

Updated May 21, 2018

Reported In


  • NI 9205
  • NI 9206

Issue Details

I am using my NI 9205 through FPGA in order to acquire several DIFF and RSE channels at a given rate. The datasheet states that the speed I request to the module is theoretically possible, however the acquisition time I measure is greater than expected.
How is this possible? 


The NI 9205/9206 have a Minimum Time Between Conversion control that  you can set in the C Series Module Properties dialog box. It is possible that to achieve the speed you request to your module you need to  lower such value.

Additional Information

The default minimum time between conversions for the NI 9205/9206 is 8 µs. The accuracy specifications in the NI 9205 Operating Instructions and Specifications or NI 9206 Operating Instructions and Specifications are based on this default value. If you set the minimum time between conversions to at least 8 µs, the accuracy of the module is not affected. If you set the minimum time between conversions to less than 8 µs, the accuracy of the module degrades if you sample data from multiple channels.



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