My USB Device is Not Discovered Properly with TestStand

Updated Jun 4, 2018

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I have a TestStand sequence that interfaces with a USB device. The devices works properly sometimes, but occasionally, the system does not recognize the device. When this happens, I need to restart the system several times until the device is discovered properly. How can I fix this issue?


TestStand does not interface directly with USB devices. Generally the sequence will use an action step to call a code module that is interfacing with the device. Try to isolate which code module interacts with the device, and use general troubleshooting steps to make changes to that code module.

When the devices are not recognized, you should check for their appearance in Windows Device Manager as well as NI MAX. If the devices do not show up properly here, this is likely an issue with the device's driver. Please refer to documentation for the particular driver for troubleshooting steps.


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