How to Use LabVIEW with a Touchscreen

Updated Oct 22, 2020



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I am trying to use LabVIEW in a touch screen environment, how can I do that? Will I have to download a different version of LabVIEW/add ons?

For LabVIEW Development Systems 2014 Onwards

If you have LabVIEW development systems 2014 onwards, NI LabVIEW Touch Panel Module is already included in it for touch screen integration. Follow this tutorial for more information. 
This Applies for all versions of Windows.

No LabVIEW Development System or before version 2014

If you do not have LabVIEW Development System or you have LabVIEW, but before version 2014, the steps you need to follow are different depending on your operating system.

For Windows 7 and 8

If you do not have LabVIEW development systems, you can purchase Touchscreen Toolkit for LabVIEW - Aledyne Engineering for creating LabVIEW user interfaces that enable multi-touch and gesture recognition. This method is only compatible with Windows 7 and 8

For iOS, Androids and Windows 8 / 8.1 RT and Pro

You can download Data Dashboard for LabVIEW, it is a mobile application that enables the creation of custom user interfaces that can monitor and control LabVIEW applications remotely. Data Dashboard for LabVIEW allows you to use iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices to connect to the values of network published shared variables and/or web services using buttons, text input and display, charts, gauges, and LEDs. More information and how to download it, see here.

For Windows 10

Call Aledyne directly to get them to activate your product:
Phone: (408) 465-9825

Additional Information

If you are using multiple monitors, make sure the that your Touch Panel is set as the main display in Windows.