Can You Use a Multiplexed Switch as a Power Bus?

Updated Jun 4, 2018

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  • PXI-2527
  • PXIe-2527

Issue Details

I am wanting to use my multiplexing PXI-2527 switch to distribute voltage to multiple components. I know this would be easy to do on a matrix card but is it possible on a multiplexed card?


Yes, this is possible on a multiplexed card such as the 2527. You will need to use the Independent Topology configuration and connect PCOM0 to PCOM1 in the NI-DAQmx Switch Soft Front Panel as shown below.

Then you will need to tie each channel you want to utilize to the appropriate PCOM line. For example if you want to use CH0 through CH15, then you would need to tie each of those channels to PCOM0. Channels 16 through 31 will need to be connected to PCOM1. 

An example of connecting different channels to the appropriate PCOM is shown below.


Additional Information

By connecting PCOM0 to PCOM1, the relay KBC01 is closed connecting the internal circuitry together. Then by connecting each channel to the appropriate PCOM, we close each of the relays on the channels connecting them all to the same "bus". For example, connecting CH0 to PCOM0 closes Relay K0, and connecting CH15 to PCOM0 closes Relay K15 and ultimately connects CH0 to CH15.


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