Empty Chassis Power Draw Values for PXI, PXI Express, and SCXI Chassis

Updated Nov 5, 2018

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I'm performing a power budget for a system, and need to know how much total power my system will use.  What are the power draw values for an empty PXI, PXI Express, or SCXI chassis?


National Instruments estimates empty chassis power draw for the following chassis:

Empty Chassis Power Draw Values for PXI(e)

PXI-1000B50 W
PXI-1000B (DC option)24 W (2 A draw off 12 V battery)
PXI-100226 W
PXI-100683 W
PXI-103143 W
PXI-1031DC38 W
PXI-103352 W
PXI-103647 W (fan set to auto)
51 W (fan set to high)
PXI-104226 W
PXI-104489 W
PXI-104589 W
PXI-105640 W
PXIe-1062Q52 W
PXIe-1065107 W
PXIe-107166 W (fan set to high)
PXIe-107351 W
PXIe-107566 W
PXIe-108256W with fans on auto 
72W with fans on high 
PXIe-1084100W (fans set to 38W Auto)
150W (fans set to 58W High)
PXIe-108595 W (fans set to low)
125 W (fans set to high)
PXIe-1095250W (fans set to 38W Auto)
300W (fans set to 58W High)

Empty Chassis Power Draw Values for SCXI

SCXI-10004.5 W
SCXI-1000DC7.5 W
SCXI-10015.5 W

Note: All values are approximations. Actual values may vary.


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