Empty Chassis Power Draw Values for PXI, PXI Express, and SCXI Chassis

Updated Sep 13, 2023

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  • PXI Chassis
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Issue Details

  • I'm performing a power budget for a system, and need to know how much total power my system will use.  What are the power draw values for an empty PXI, PXI Express, or SCXI chassis?
  • What is the idling power consumption of the PXIe chassis?
  • What is my PXI or PXIe empty chassis power consumption when the fans are set to high or auto?


National Instruments estimates empty chassis power draw for the following chassis:

Empty Chassis Power Draw Values for PXI(e)

PXI-1000B50 W
PXI-1000B (DC option)24 W (2 A draw off 12 V battery)
PXI-100226 W
PXI-100683 W
PXI-103143 W
PXI-1031DC38 W
PXI-103352 W
PXI-103647 W (fan set to auto)
51 W (fan set to high)
PXI-104226 W
PXI-104489 W
PXI-104589 W
PXI-105640 W
PXIe-1062Q52 W
PXIe-1065107 W
PXIe-107166 W (fan set to high)
PXIe-107351 W
PXIe-107566 W
PXIe-108256 W with fans on auto 
72 W with fans on high 
PXIe-1084100 W (fans set to 38 W Auto)
150 W (fans set to 58 W High)
PXIe-108595 W (fans set to low)
125 W (fans set to high)
PXIe-1086170 W
PXIe-1088125.514 W (230 V, 50 Hz)
132.414 W (110 V, 60 Hz)
PXIe-109284W to 118W
90W to 125W (with timing and sync)
PXIe-1092DC212 W
PXIe-1095250 W (fans set to 38W Auto)
300 W (fans set to 58W High)
PXIe-1095DC300 W
Maximum power consumption of the chassis without the modules

Empty Chassis Power Draw Values for SCXI

SCXI-10004.5 W
SCXI-1000DC7.5 W
SCXI-10015.5 W

Note: All values are approximations. Actual values may vary.