TestStand Station Global Variables Definition and Location

Updated Dec 8, 2023

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

I am developing a TestStand sequence and I would like to know what are Station global variables and where are they located? 


Station global variables are variables specific to a computer, that you can access from all steps, sequences and sequence files on that computer. Any changes you make to the value of a station global variable are reflected in all other steps and sequences.

TestStand saves the station global variables in the StationGlobals.ini file in the <TestStand Application Data>\Cfg directory automatically when you close the TestStand Engine.

Additional Information

Station global variables are in the only type of variable in TestStand, which is saving the last value and is not resetting to its default value after running the sequence.

You can also save the station global variables from the Station Globals Window or by calling the Engine.CommitGlobalsToDisk method.