Measurement Studio .NET Framework Examples Have Not Been Installed

Updated Jun 5, 2018

Reported In


  • Measurement Studio 2010 Enterprise

Operating System

  • Windows

Programming Language

  • Visual Basic .NET

Issue Details

I am trying to add manually the Measurement Studio .NET controls to the Toolbox of Visual Studio, following the steps reported here.

However, when I want to select the appropriate Measurement Studio controls the .NET Framework Components tab is empty: why?


The NI Measurement Studio .NET Framework components have not been installed

In order to do this
  1. Run again your Measurement Studio installer selecting Install with customization for the product you want to install (for example Measurement Studio 2010 for Visual Studio 2008)​.
  1. When requested the features to install, click on Examples.
  2. Click on Install this features to a local drive.

After this procedure, the DotNET examples should be installed correctly and the .NET Framework Components tab will contain the controls requested.


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