Archived:Error -200152 After Running my PXI-4472 Through Calibration Executive

Updated May 11, 2018

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Reported In


  • PXI-4472


  • Calibration Executive

Issue Details

After performing a calibration through Calibration Executive 3.1.2, my PXI-4472 always returns the following error whenever I try to use the device:

Error -200152: Data read from the EEPROM on the device is invalid.

This occurs in my application and in MAX through Test Panels. Why am I getting this error?


This is a known issue with Calibration Executive 3.1.2 or earlier. The procedure for the NI 447x devices does properly verify, adjust, and store the calibration coefficients in the EEPROM, but the checksum is incorrect. Before DAQmx uses a 447x device, it always verifies if the checksum is correct before doing anything and generates the -200152 error if it is not correct. 

In order to fix this problem, you can write user-defined info to the EEPROM which will force the checksum to be updated and corrected without changing any of your calibration coefficients. You can do this through a calibration property node in DAQmx. It does not matter what you write to the user-defined info section. After performing this step, you will need to also do a DAQmx device reset in order to reset the error cached in the driver. Refer to the Related Links section for more information on how to use the calibration property node.

Additional Information

It is recommended that you upgrade to Calibration Executive 3.2 or later which fixes this checksum issue.