Error -1074118632 While Running Stream to Example

Updated Jun 5, 2018

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  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

I am using LabVIEW and the Stream to example from LabVIEW > Help > Find Examples > Hardware Input and Output > Modular Instruments > NI-SCOPE > Continuous Acquisition. After collecting some samples at a rate of 20MS/s, LabVIEW errors out with "Possible reason(s): The requested data has been overwritten in memory so it is no longer available for fetching". If I reduce the sample rate, it just takes longer before producing the same error.


Re-adjust the Min. Sample Rate and Max. Points Per Fetch to meet your system limits. The following correspond to a screenshot of the Front Panel of this example with the control to modify in a red box:

Additional Information

The error means that the acquisition rate surpass the rate at which the data is transferred from the onboard memory to the controller's memory thus some data in the card's memory is lost.


The rate at which data is transferred is limited by several factors, from system’s bus bandwidth to the read/write speed of the memory media. The document "Streaming Data to and from Disk" provides general information about streaming and its caveats.


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