Vision Assistant Overwrites Original Image

Updated Oct 3, 2018

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  • Vision Development Module

Issue Details

In my program, I am performing image processing with the Vision Assistant. I would like to take the original, pre-processed images and save them, but I need to do so after the processing has happened. When I look at the saved files, only the processed images are saving.

How do I save my original images?


Try wiring a new IMAQ reference to the Image Dst terminal on the Vision Assistant, just under the Image In terminal.

This should leave your pre-processing image intact in the original IMAQ reference.

Additional Information

When you wire your IMAQ reference into the Vision Assistant, rather than passing the actual image, you're passing a reference to a space in memory. By default, the Vision Assistant will save the modified image in this same memory space, overwriting your original image.

Wiring a new IMAQ reference to the Vision Assistant gives the Vision Assistant a new memory location where it can save the modified image. When the output is saved in the new memory location, your original image remains intact.


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