Archived:PXI Chassis Fans Failing and Powering Problems

Updated Aug 26, 2019

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Reported In


  • PXI-1031
  • PXI-1031DC
  • PXI-1036
  • PXIe-1071
  • PXIe-1073
  • PXIe-1078

Issue Details

My PXI chassis will power on briefly and then power back off. I have also noticed that one of my chassis cooling fans is not working. What is happening?


National Instruments discovered an issue that might affect a select number of PXI-1031 (DC), PXI-1033, PXI-1036 (DC), PXIe-1071, PXIe-1073, and PXIe-1078 chassis. Affected units may experience failure of the unit’s cooling fan earlier than anticipated under normal operating conditions. In such instances, the unit may shut down and not power back on, experience louder than normal fan noise, or suffer broken fan blades. There is no additional or unusual safety concern arising from the chassis’ design. If the fan begins to fail and the RPM lowers below the safety threshold, the chassis will shut down.

To determine whether your unit is among those potentially affected by this condition, locate the part number and serial number on the back of the chassis.  E.g., a PXI-1036 chassis has the part number 192592X-01L where "X" is the revision letter.  The serial number consists of the seven alphanumeric characters located below the part number.  Once you have located your part number, please compare it to the Table 1 to determine whether or not your unit could be within the range of potentially affected units. If your part number is not listed in Table 1 then your chassis is not affected.  If your part number is listed in Table 1 please open the attached spreadsheet file titled Affected Chassis Serial Numbers.xls from the Attachments section below.  If your serial number is included in the spreadsheet, than your PXI(e) chassis may be an affected unit.

Table 1: Possibly Affected Units
Model NamePart Number
PXI-1031190871J-01L, 190871K-01L
PXI-1031 DC191746F-01, 191746G-01, 
PXI-1033194918B-01L, 194918D-01L, 
PXI-1036192592F-01L, 192592G-01L, 
PXI-1036 DC192593D-01, 192593E-01, 
PXIe-1073196695A-01, 196695B-01, 

If your part number is indicated in the above table, check the attached spreadsheet. 

Getting a Replacement
There are two options for replacing your chassis’ fan, if the unit is one of those affected:
  1. For limited down-time, customers can request that National instruments ship a field replaceable fan kit for the PXI-1031 (DC), PXI-1033, PXI-1036 (DC), PXIe-1071, PXIe-1073, and PXIe-1078 at no cost. For an example of the installation effort required for field replacement, please visit this link to a video for PXI(e) Chassis Fan Replacement
  2. Customers may return their chassis to National Instruments for repair at no cost. Typical turnaround time for repairs in North America and the European Union is ten working days.
Please accept our apology for this inconvenience. National Instruments is committed to your satisfaction and to maintaining your confidence in our products.

Additional Information

  • If you are located in the United States or Canada, please call 1-877-493-2406 to request that National Instruments ship a field replaceable fan kit or to obtain a return material authorization (RMA) for repair. Similarly, if you are located outside of the United States or Canada, please contact your local National Instruments branch. 
  • In some cases, the issue has been seen to be resolved by making sure that the dust cover of the fan has been properly cleaned and is maintained well. This can be suggested as a primary troubleshooting step when establishing if the chassis is potentially affected by the above mentioned condition or not.