PXI Ethernet Interface Module Does Not Show Up Under Devices and Interfaces

Updated Aug 7, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-8231
  • PXIe-8234
  • PXI Ethernet Interface Module
  • PXI Controller
  • PXIe-8238
  • PXIe-8240
  • PXIe-8245


  • LabVIEW Real-Time Module
  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Operating System

  • Windows
  • PharLap

Issue Details

I have a NI PXI ethernet interface module (PXI-8231, PXIe-8234/8238/8240/8245) installed in my PXI(e) chassis. When I boot into Windows or Real-Time and look in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) under Devices and Interfaces or Remote Systems, the card is not detected, does not show up, or is missing.


The PXI ethernet interface module will not appear under the Devices and Interfaces tab in MAX. 

To make sure your device is installed properly, follow the steps below based on the operating system you are using. 

Windows OS

In a Windows OS, the card should be recognized by the OS and automatically installed. You can check through Device Manager. 
  1. Open Device Manager from the Start menu. 
  2. Expand the Network adapters tab. 

Real-Time OS

On a Real-Time OS, the ports of the ethernet interface module appear in the Network Settings tab in MAX.
  1. Open MAX. 
  2. Under Remote Systems, select the RT controller. 
  3. Select the Network Settings tab at the bottom of window. 
  4. You should see the following network adapters: 
  • Ethernet Adapter etho0 (Primary) – this is the RT controller’s built-in ethernet port. 
  • Ethernet Adapter <eth1, eth2, etc> - these are the additional ports, either from the RT controller or from ethernet interface modules. 
  1. The additional ports are disabled by default. You can now set up the ethernet adapters for communication.

If you are missing ethernet adapters, then the adapter is using a different chipset. By default, most chipset drivers are not installed on the Pharlap RT PXI controller. To install, follow the steps below:  
  1. Install the driver corresponding to your device’s chipset.

Hardware Model


Driver Required on Phar Lap RT 


Intel 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet controller

Intel 8254x Ethernet Driver 


Intel 82572EI Ethernet controller

Intel 8254x Ethernet Driver


Intel 82599 10Gb Ethernet controller

Not Supported


Intel XL710 40Gb Ethernet controller

Not Supported
PXIe-8245Intel® Ethernet Controller I210-ITIntel 1000e Ethernet Driver
  1. Restart the controller. The additional ports should appear under Network Settings.
Note that the additional ports are enumerated automatically by the OS and may not match the order of the Ethernet Interface module. If you run into communication errors after setting up your port, try swapping the cable to the other Ethernet port. 

For NI Linux RT, the ethernet drivers are included in the Linux kernel. You only need to install NI PXI Platform Services in order for the network ports to appear under Network Settings tab in MAX. Refer to NI Hardware and Software Operating System Compatibility for the first available driver version.

Additional Information

Note that some PXI ethernet interface modules are not supported on certain operating systems.