Yellow Triangles With Exclamation Marks by My FieldPoint Devices or by My VIs

Updated Jun 19, 2018

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  • Controller for Compact FieldPoint

Issue Details

  • When I open my LabVIEW project I see yellow triangles  with exclamation marks next to my FieldPoint Devices or my VIs. Why are these here? Can I get rid of them?
  • All cFP references are preceded by a yellow triangle enclosing an " ! ".  How do I fix this?


If you are seeing the yellow triangles  next to your I/O modules, it means that you have edited the IAK file associated with your project in MAX.  LabVIEW is dependent on the iak file, and will display errors if it is changed outside of the project.  The iak file associated with the project should be in the same directory as the project and have the same name as the project. If your controller is assigned a new IP Address you can see this issue.

If you are seeing the yellow triangles next to your VIs, this is due to moving your VIs from their original location.  The LabVIEW project references all items contained in it through relative paths, not absolute paths.  Therefore if you move the VI from its original location without keeping the same directory structure with respect to the project, the project no longer knows where to find the VI.

Additionally, be sure to check that your driver version is compatible with the version of LabVIEW you are running, and your FieldPoint device.  This can be found in the readme of your driver.


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