Error -1074384718: The XNET Driver Can No Longer Communicate with the Device

Updated May 31, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-9862
  • cDAQ-9188

Issue Details

I'm occasionally seeing an XNET error from my NI 9862 module when I run my LabVIEW program as follows:

Error -1074384718: The XNET Driver can no longer communicate with the device.

When I restart the chassis and start my LabVIEW program again, everything works fine. Resetting the chassis in MAX also mitigates the error. When this error happens in MAX, the XNET module has a red X on it until the chassis is rebooted.


There are a few ways to work around this error.

Additional Information

This error is likely caused by an interruption of network communication between the XNET device and the computer.