How Can I Free up Some Storage Space in My cDAQ Controller?

Updated Jun 4, 2018

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  • CompactDAQ Controller

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My CompactDAQ controller has limited storage space and I would like to free up some of the used storage. What files can I delete to get more space in the C drive?


After the installation of any National Instruments software, there is a folder created in the C drive directory called National Instruments Downloads. You can delete all of the files in this folder and nothing will be affected, all NI software will continue to run normally. Deleting this folder can free up a considerable amount of space on your C drive.

However, National Instruments does not recommend installing LabVIEW or other development systems directly on the cDAQ controller. The recommended configuration is to install only the Run-Time Engine and deploy and run the executable of the application on the controller, in order to save storage space.

Additional Information

CompactDAQ controllers feature a removable SD storage, that can be useful to free up some space in the C drive. Take into consideration this removable storage for saving data from your application as well.


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