What Scopes are Available for my National Instruments Oscilloscope?

Updated May 2, 2018

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  • PXI Oscilloscope
  • PXI Digitizer
  • Probe

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I have an NI Oscilloscope (such as the PXIe-5122). I need to take a measurement outside of the range of this device. 
Is there such a thing as an in line 10:1 BNC or SMA probe available for our PXI/PXIe Scope? 
What are all of the probes available to me? 


A list of the  available Oscilloscopes can be found here: Oscilloscope Probe.

For help finding the right probe for your application, see our white paper: Select the Right Oscilloscope Probe for Your Application.


Additional Information

All BNC oscilloscope probes are compatible with NI Scopes/Digitizers as long as the max input range to the probe divided by the probe attenuation, Is less than the specified range of the scope. 

Avoid using National Instruments DAQ devices (such as a cDAQ) with Attenuation Probes. They tend to have high input impedance and input capacitance which can result in unexpected signals. 
This problem does not occur if the gain of the probe is equal to 1.


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