NI DCAF Editor "Unable To Load Module"

Updated Jun 8, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I am using the DCAF Editor and am getting an "Unable To Load Module" notification with a box of XML / HTML - type code when I open it. Why do I see this error and how to I work around it?


Each DCAF module is composed of three LabVIEW classes which define the module's configuration, how this configuration is edited, and how it operates during run time. The DCAF Editor maintains a list of where it will load modules from and this issue presents itself when the DCAF Editor is not configured with the correct search paths to find the module(s) in question. To remedy this, navigate to

Tools >> Edit Plugin Search Paths...
From the Edit Plugin Search Paths menu,  add the search paths of the missing module(s). The editor will recursively search all subfolders for modules so it is not necessary to have a unique search path for each module. Click OK when the Search Paths are appropriately configured.

Reopen the .pcfg file and the missing modules will be correctly loaded.

Additional Information

All DCAF modules distributed through VI Package Manager by National instruments can be found in and loaded from <vi.lib>\NI\DCAF.

If you're running into this error while trying to run a DCAF example, please refer to the Quick Start PDF guides available within the example project.