How to Start Test Execution Based on Predefined Time in TestStand

Updated May 4, 2018

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  • TestStand

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I am developing an automated test application using TestStand in which the test program should start it's execution based on predefined or preconfigured time by the user. How to read current system time and start my test program execution programmatically within TestStand.


In the NI TestStand, Preconditions property of the Step Properties allows you to specify an expression that must evaluate to True to execute the step or test sequence. Refer to the following steps to start test execution based on predefined time:
  1. Create a new Local Variable to store user predefined time. Use string datatype because time function returns in string format.
  2. Select Test/Step within the sequence file to start it's execution based on predefined time.
  3. Go to Step Properties >> select Preconditions Panel >> select Precondition Expression >> select Expression Browser Dialog Box >> select Operators/Functions tab >> select Functions >> Time.
  4. Now, compare current time with Local variable (created in step1) time using StrComp Function.

Additional Information

You can use Message Pop-Up Step to get the user predefined time and update Local variable .You also can use Date Function in Precondition Expressions along with the Time Function to start the tests execution.


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