Bridge Completion Options for the NI 9218

Updated May 2, 2018

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  • NI-9218
  • NI-9984
  • NI-9986

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The NI 9218 product page states that it offers built-in support for accelerometer, powered sensor, full-bridge, and voltage measurements as well as quarter-bridge, half-bridge, 60 V, and current measurements using measurement-specific adapters. Will I need external adapters to get full-bridge, quarter-bridge, and half-bridge measurements?


The 9218 is capable of taking full-bridge measurements using its standalone internal circuitry. If you would like to use the 9218 module to take quarter-bridge or half-bridge measurements, you will need to purchase an NI 9984 or 9986 terminal block, respectively. These terminal blocks provide bridge completion for the quarter-bridge or half-bridge circuits so that they can be measured by the 9218's internal circuitry.

Additional Information

More information on bridge completion and the differences between the CM C Series modules can be found in the Choosing an NI Measurement System for Strain, Pressure, Load and Torque white paper.


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