How Do I Find the List of Compliance and Certifications of NI Products?

Updated Jul 31, 2018

Issue Details

  • How do I find the List of Compliance and Certifications of National Intruments Products?
  • I want to know if my device has RoSH compliance.


To find the list of certifications and compliances, do one of the following:
  • Enter the Product Certification web page and type model number of your product.
  • Go to the product web page, click on Support Library and search for Product Certification.

The following image in an example of a Product Certification.

Additional Information

National Instruments products comply with applicable International requirements for product safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), hazardous locations, marine, quality, WEEE and RoHS.

Look for the marks on the product label for verification of certification. The DEKRA mark and A2LA Accredited symbol are not product marks and do not in any way imply certification / approval of NI products.


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