How Long Can the VirtualBench Oscilloscope Store Data?

Updated Nov 9, 2018

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  • VB-8012
  • VB-8034

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I want to see data continuously from the VirtualBench oscilloscope for a certain time without using any programming language such as LabVIEW or Python. For how long does the VirtualBench screen storage this data?


The VirtualBench Oscilloscope has a Maximum Record Length of 1MS/channel. The acquisition time is defined by how long it takes to fill this buffer (1MS). It means that the acquisition time will depend on the sample rate, how fast are you filling this buffer.

Acquisition time= Record length / Sample Rate

For example:
The maximum sample rate for VirtualBench 8012 is 1GS/s in single channel mode. The acquisition time will be equal to 1e6/1e9 = 1ms.​
The slowest sample rate is approximately 15.259kHz. At this rate, you will get the longest acquisition time which is 1e6/15.259e3 = ~65s.

For digital signals the maximum acquisition time is limited to ~8s at a sample rate of 15kS/s due to limitation of the LabVIEW digital waveform datatype.


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