IVN - 8561 Media Converter Drivers

Updated May 2, 2018

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  • IVN-8561

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I have recently bought an IVN - 8561 Media Converter and I am looking up online for drivers to download, however I am unable to find any.


The IVN-8561 is a two-channel, four-port media converter that converts data between 100BASE-TX Ethernet and 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet with minimal latency. It is easy to use with existing TCP/IP functionality built into LabVIEW. As a purely physical layer conversion, there is no driver to install, no firmware to fiddle with, no buttons to press, no IP address configuration, or even a power switch. Simply plug it into a USB-C power source.


Being a two channel device the Automotive Ethernet ports can be configured in a loop back fashion for testing purposes. One can transmit a TCP/IP packet to the device, where it will be converted to AE automatically, converted back (if looped back), and read from any other receiver.


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