Convert 2D Array to Waveform Data Type

Updated Nov 4, 2022



  • LabVIEW

This article shows how to convert a 2D array to a waveform data type.

To convert a 2D array to a waveform data type, you need to use Build Waveform function. Input the 2D Double Array data type into the function as the data value of the waveform and the output will be in waveform data type. The function can be found in the Functions pallet >> Programming >> Waveform >> Build Waveform.

Below is the example for how to convert 2D array which the data is collected from different channel to waveform. 
Create 2D array for different channel.png

Additional Information

Since Y in Build Waveform function is 1D array data type, you need to use either a for loop or Index Array function to return the subarray of the 2D array.
The waveform default Start Time (t0) value is 00:00:00.000 PM DD/MM/YYYY and the default Time Interval (dt) is 1 second. Input an existing waveform or change the constant values if you want to set different waveform components value.