Include Multiple Files in a Volume License Installer

Updated Apr 27, 2018

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager
  • Batch Installer Builder

Issue Details

I want to create a volume license installer that installs multiple pieces of NI software on a target computer and then connects to my Volume License Manager server for activation.


The Volume License Installer can be built on one installer. When used in conjunction with the NI Batch Installer Builder, that one installer can be a bundle, including multiple pieces of NI Software. 

1. To get started, download and install NI Batch Installer Builder.

2. Once open, there are multiple options for adding installers into your custom installer. These are covered in more detail in the tutorial: Creating a Custom Installer with the NI Batch Installer Builder.

3. If you wish to add patches into the installer, you can include them using the Add from NI Update Service button, ensuring your batch installer is as up to date as possible. 

4. Once you have added everything you want to the Source Installer Library, move to the Batch Installer Specification tab. 

5. Choose Create, then specify the name, subtitle, output directory and included installers for your Batch Installer.

6. To finalize the process, Save and then choose Build after highlighting the new Installer you created.

7. This installer is ready to install all included contents in one process, but will not yet connect to a VLM server automatically. To accomplish this, open NI Volume License Manager and select Tools >> Create Volume License Installer

8. Step through the Volume License Installer Wizard, selecting your newly created batch installer as the installer source.

9. Your new installer will now install as many pieces of NI software as you want and automatically connects to your volume license server for activation. 


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