How Can I Access Online Training From

Updated Feb 5, 2020

Issue Details

I want to access the self-paced online training from I am entitled to. How can I do this?


If you have an active software service contract such as SSP (Standard Service Program) and Enterprise Agreement Service, you are eligible to access the online training.  

In order to access the online training follow the next steps:

  1. Go to
  2. At the top of the web page right-click on My Account and then log in (if not already logged in).
  3. Go to the bottom of the webpage, to the Training and Events section.
  4. Click the Online Training link and then the Browse Training Button

  1. After that you should be redirected to the NI Online Training webpage.
  2. From here, locate your course in one of two ways.
  • The Start Learning tab shows some of the courses that are featured. If your course is listed there you can click on the course icon to go to the course page.
  • If your course isn’t listed in the featured courses, click the  Online Course Catalog button to see the full course list. Use the search and filtering options to find the course title you want to take.
  1. Once you are on a course overview page, you will see an Access Course button. Click this button to launch the course.
8. If you don’t see the Access Course button, that means your entitlements are not correctly registered. Follow the related links below to learn how to register your entitlements. 

Additional Information

If you are having problems accessing the online training or require a different version, other than the current available, please email or if you are part of an Enterprise Agreement.