Archived:FieldPoint Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Updated Jun 18, 2018

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  • FP-1000

Issue Details

While using my FieldPoint RLY, AO, and AI modules, I periodically receive one or more of the following errors:
  • 33027: module unaddressable
  • 33440: all channels bad
  • 33443: some channels bad
I am using these FieldPoint modules in an environment with high EMI. For example, there are high-voltage relays near the FP hardware. Could this be part of the problem?


EMI can definitely be a problem. If you believe that EMI is a problem, enclose the FP bank in a EMC compliant enclosure as well as use ferrite noise suppressors. The product certification page in Related Links contains more information on EMI verifications.

Sometimes relays can generate enough EMI to cause problems with FieldPoint modules within close proximity. You may experience some of the errors listed above when reading/writing to the modules, and it might even cause your computer to hang. Try to separate your FieldPoint modules from the source(s) of the interference. In the case mentioned above, enclosing the relays in their own box and increasing the distance from the FieldPoint modules will help.


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