LNK LED on Constant Red for PXI 1033 with MXI Controller

Updated May 24, 2018

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  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI-1033
  • MXI Cable

Issue Details

When I turn my PC on, my PXI 1033 LNK LED immediately turns red and remains red as I run my LabVIEW code. I also cannot see my chassis and cards under "PXI System" in NI MAX. What does the LED mean and how can I fix the issue?


The constant red LNK LED means that there is a link corruption due to MXI sideband signals. This could have been a result of plugging in the ends of the MXI cable in the wrong order/wrong way. To fix the issue, try the below steps:
  • PXI end of the cable should be plugged in first and that the cable should be fully connected up, the PXI chassis should be switched on before switching on the PC. 
  • If you are using an MXI Controller with a MXI Express x1 cable, try flipping the connections 180 degrees on each end so that the mechanical "D" connection fits appropriately as seen in Image 1. Some versions of the cable were manufactured such that moderate force would allow the connection to be made upside down, so check to verify the ends are connected correctly.

Image 1: MXI-Express Connection 
  • Reboot your system and the red LNK LED should be off
  • Identify your PXI system correctly in NI MAX as shown here


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