What Is the Difference Between Hardware SSP and Software SSP?

Updated Oct 15, 2021

Issue Details

I want to know the differences between Standard Service Program (SSP) for Hardware and Standard Service Program (SSP) for Software.


With any NI hardware or system purchase, you have the ability to add or attach a service program for hardware. Standard Service Program (SSP) for Hardware includes repair coverage service for the duration of the program and system configuration, assembly, and test service at point of sale. This program is NOT included in the system purchase but can be added. It also can be added/renewed after point of sale.


When purchasing a software license, it includes a one-year membership to Standard Service Program (SSP) for software which entitles you to standard technical support, online training for the software you purchased, software updates and maintenance releases, and access to previous NI software versions.


The main differences between these two programs are:

  • SSP for hardware is not included in the purchase and SSP for software is.
  • SSP for software includes technical support and SSP for hardware does not. It can be purchased separately.