Get Timestamp from Waveform Information

Updated Sep 7, 2018

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I am trying to find the timestamps from my NI-Scope data acquisitions. They appear to be part of the data packets in the waveform data type by default. However, I'm trying to conserve memory, so I'm using the I16 format instead. Can I still access these timestamps somehow? Is there a way to build them?


By default, the waveform data type includes the timestamps for you. If this is functionality you require, switching back to the waveform data type will be the simplest and most accurate solution.

However, if that solution is not available, you can build timestamps using the Get Date/Time in Seconds VI, and AbsoluteInitialX and RelativeInitialX inside the waveform data from the NI-Scope Fetch VI. To begin, refer to the NI-Switch help document for an explanation of the InitialX values. Use the Get Date/Time in Seconds VI as soon as the acquisition begins. Add the AbsoluteInitialX value to acknowledge the pretrigger samples, then add the RelativeInitialX to synchronize the timestamp for each individual point.


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