Chassis Name Incorrect in Windows

Updated Jun 23, 2018

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  • PXIe-8301

Issue Details

I am plugging my PXI Chassis into my computer to use it as a controller via USB. However, when I plug it in, Windows comes up with a dialogue box, saying I just plugged in a PXIe-8301. This is not the model of my chassis. Why does this appear incorrectly? How do I change this?


The PXIe-8301 is a PXI module that allows you to control your chassis using your computer via Thunderboltâ„¢. Because this 8301 is the module that is directly plugged into the computer, this is the device that your computer will recognize over USB. The 8301 grabs data from other cards via the chassis, so once you allow Windows access to this card, you should see the rest of your hardware populate in NI MAX under the "Devices and Interfaces" tab. When the dialogue box comes up, be sure to allow communication with the USB device.


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