OPC Servers Installed with National Instruments Software

Updated May 7, 2018

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  • OPC Servers
  • LabVIEW OPC UA Toolkit
  • LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module


  • NI-FieldPoint


LabVIEW Shared Variable Engine

Issue Details

I have installed various pieces of National Instruments software on my computer. When I create a new OPC Client IO Server or use a third-party client to connect to my computer, I see multiple OPC Servers on my computer. Where does each of them come from? What data is available through them?


When you install LabVIEW and the Shared Variable Engine (SVE), you will also install and register an OPC Server called “National Instruments.Variable Engine.1”. This OPC Server gives you access to the shared variables hosted in your SVE.

If you have installed the NI OPC Server, it too will be registered on your computer and present in the servers list under the name “National Instruments.NIOPCServers”. This OPC Server gives you access to data and IO present on any connected and correctly configured Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

Finally, if you have also installed the FieldPoint driver on your computer, you will also install and register an OPC Server called “National Instruments.OPCFieldPoint”. This OPC Server gives you access to your FieldPoint I/O.

Additional Information

These OPC Servers, particularly the "National Instruments.Variable Engine.1" server, are not automatically created when installing software to a LabVIEW Real-Time target. If you want to create an OPC Server or Client on a Real-Time target, you will need to do so in LabVIEW. Check OPC with LabVIEW Software Options to find the best option for your system.