I Am Not Able to Replace the RTEXE File in my 906x CompactRIO Image

Updated Jun 20, 2018

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  • CompactRIO Controller
  • cRIO-9066

Issue Details

I tried to change the rtexe file in my 906x CompactRIO image as I used to do with my older 907x ones to update the software. Every software I tried to work on, the tar.gz file gives me an error similar to this one:


This issue is related to the way the file system is designed on NI Linux RT. In order to correctly update the software, the recommended method is to use LabVIEW to modify it on the CompactRIO by following these instructions:
Running a Stand-Alone Real-Time Application

If you are not able to use LabVIEW, then you can replace the rtexe file directly on the CompactRIO by using any of the tools described in this article:
Tools Available for File Transfer/Access on NI Linux Real-Time Targets


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